3rd & 9th Records a creative collective from New Rochelle, NY in the New York City area consists of the members Jesse Scott, Len Lama and Marvillous Beats. With the combination of the maestro musician Marvillous Beats, wordsmith/producer Jesse Scott, and emcee/visual architect Len Lama, comes organic sound and frequencies; hip-hop/rap/poetry and classical vibes. Raw and uncut expression.

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 3rd & 9th has appeared in college shows, festivals, house parties, clubs, and studios. The creative collective also orchestrated a street show tour through the the DC/Maryland area in the summer of 2016. The artists were all born and raised in Westchester, NY. The collective have been working together since 2010. Originally I&I The Tribe (the musical underground entity) the collective ventured off into separate venues. I&I The Tribe was then signed over to 3rd & 9th Records which was created by Len Lama, Jesse Scott and Marvillous Beats to form the musical entity that lives today.